Milk & Cigarettes

by Amanda Lynn

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released January 1, 2007



all rights reserved


Amanda Lynn South Dakota

Amanda Lynn is a self-taught musician who has been at it for 14 years & self-produced 3 albums.

She has played a variety of shows with bands like: We All Have Hooks for Hands(SD), Mouth Full of Bees (MN), Trainwreck Riders(CA), Langhorn Slim (NY), Two Gallants (CA), Hudson Falcons (NJ), Chris Clavin, aka Captain Chaos (IN), Millions of Dead Cops(OR), Fucktard(CA) and so on...
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Track Name: Only If You Want To
a lot of oohs and ahhs
Track Name: The Catcher & The Rye
If only the grass was greener
If only my mind was clearer
Let it fall
Let it fall

Tonight we'll soak scotch or whisky
Tomorrow won't come.
Leave the station cold and empty
I can't come home
Let it fall
Let it fall

The face that stole my heartbeat
pushed away and out my mind
Let it fall
Let it fall

Mistress with the gaping gown
handsome with an unknown frown
It's safe now, to close some eyelids
Tomorrow won't come
Let it fall
Let it fall

No more compassion
Turn it upside down
Let it fall.
Track Name: Aileen W.
Oh Aileen, you gotta get a hold of me,
because you know I can save you
Oh you know I can save you.
Remember me?
We used to hide in the trees.
And I told I could save you
Oh, I told I could save you.

Just sit and watch the flowers go by,
So high, like the air in the sky
Like we're dead already.
Like we're dead already.

*Unbalanced harmonica screams*

Metal 'round your hands
You killed 9 men.
And no one can save you
'cept the judge and the court rule.

Oh Aileen, you've got the better part of me
And you know I will miss you
Oh, you hope I will miss you.

Say goodnight
You're gonna sleep for a while
And no one could save you
Oh no one can save you

Track Name: Record Players Break
"Wake me up when the record stops playing", I said to him
But he left me there to keep dreaming.
I dreamt he left once again.

Remember me no more.
Just turn around
Don't forget to pay the whore.

Sweep me off to the soothing cold forest
We'll speak no more.
Make me feel like a beauty deserving
you did once before

"I just don't seem to have that strong feeling", he said to me,
"But I'll catch you a train for the city I never see."
Track Name: Business As Usual
A business card hung on the wall.
It read of white domination.
As the sweet willow weeps,
as the white water creeps
into the fields, all safety is lost.

It said, "you, you don't know me."
Oh you, don't know me.
Oh Custer please don't cry.
Though the bones are dead and gone.
Running and fleeing,
no more believing that you showed how the west was lost.
Track Name: He Said
Spinning circles through my head
words I wish were never said,
"it's over now, it's over once again",
he said, "this time I'll leave and never come back"
Finding ways, a reason just to escape

He said, he said,
"Take my hand I will never hurt you like they did."
He said, he said,
"Give me your heart, I will heal it."

No need to feel so useless we will all find a
reason deep inside
slow down
holding up this gruesome pace
a slow and steady, simple race
of love or not
of love or not.

He said, he said,
"This time it's gonna be different."
He said, he said
"I love you."
"You're the best."
"You must be heaven sent."

I think I'm hurt now.
My heart it kind of hurts.
I am alone now.
Cold and restless.
What can I say?
Please now come this way.

Please help me find the one I need
until then, my heart, it will bleed
It's over now
it's over once again

He said, he said,
"I think I might have found someone else but you."
He said, he said,
"I think it's time for me to leave now, for good."

He said, he said,
"If you would fall, I would catch you."
He said, he said,
"You're so pretty."
"You must be the most gorgeous thing I've seen"

He said, he said,
"I think I might have found someone else but you, but you."
He said, he said,
"I think it's time for me to leave now...
for good."
Track Name: Legendary
No one's born a legend.
Paint on my face

Feeling kind of boring.
Get out your can of mace

(Some doot-doots here and there)

I think I will throw up.
Will you please excuse me

(more doots)

(more doots)
Track Name: Uh, Hey
Hey, Hey,
Mamma said wait, wait
At the bus stop even if it refuses to rain.

And please don't say
It'll be okay.
Cause we all know,
oh we all know better than that.


Old George said,
once he'd be better off dead.
So I choked his neck and helped him into the well.

And Rodney drank his tea
and he
tried to sell me
So I stole his shoes and ran 'til my soul was sore.


No more empty
Fuel stations
that catered the sick and furthered the better of mankind.
Now all I see
Is nothing but gravel
The pope shot me down for the lack of a gown to sleep.

Track Name: Dawn
peek at me no more.
My heart is lead,
my lungs are sore.
Oh, don't you leave me dry again
Waste your breath
As we commit a sin.
Once again.
Once again.

Hey mister,
watch your back, sir
for I know what stains your grey shirt.
You are so strong,
I'm not sure why
You are so strong,
unallowed to cry.
Oh, why?
Oh, cry!

Seal that mouth shut once more.
I ask forever,
I've become sore.
Let the dirt settle between those teeth.
Just keep your mouth shut,
between you and me.
You and me.
You and me.
Track Name: Totally Killed! (Hindsight: Trump's America)
There's a murderer next door.
What a happy day.
Throw your books into the pond.
I'm not afraid.
Not afraid.

Uh huh. (several times)

Drop your guns and hit the floor,
and pray for life.
Raise an eyebrow if you may
and beat your wife.

Uh huh (several more times)

I love this place
everything around it.
I love the way
people could not give a shit.
I love this place.
I love this place.
Blow out your brains.
Blow out your brains.
Track Name: Plasticity
Grow me plastic wings.
A feather dipped in ink,
and life goes by.

How long does a lifetime wait
and light goes by.
Always look ahead
and see through perfect days.

I will lie awake.
All it ever is
is for lust's sake.

How hard will I have to try
to be filled up?
All the tears that will be cried
into a plastic cup.

Take me and
take my brain.
Cause I'm trapped
I'm lost
I've gone insane.

No one understands x3

The pain in my head
A cold empty bed
A shoulder to cry into that wasn't even there

A pain in my head
A cold empty bed
A shoulder to cry into that wasn't even there.

How long does a lifetime wait
And life goes by
Always look ahead
And see through perfect days

The pain in my head
A cold empty bed
A shoulder to cry into
oh it wasn't even there X2
Track Name: Ouch
Leave me alone
for a while or two.
Back is broken,
eyes are swollen,
just for you.

And I miss you too.
I miss you too.

Tendons ripping,
clench my teeth.
My head it caved in
when it hit the pavement
felt the liquid seep.
Ankles busted,
this point I don't feel much.
Except my freckled smile
you only view for a while
when I take your touch.

I miss you too.
I miss you too.

My ribs have caved in
feel my insides crush.
I'm seeing
you must be leaving
my body's hushed.

I miss you too.
Where are you?

I'm afraid I'll never find you.
Track Name: Sweet Melody
Not feeling the best today
Everything feels wrong.
Maybe I should turn around
and go the other way.

Seems like
I've just hit
a dead end in my road and
seems like it's time to stop
I'm running out of hope.

Sweet Melody
This is a sad song and I'll sing it all to me.

Walking down a lonely road
no one to take my hand.
I'll skip along this gravel path
pretend like it's all grand.
Sometimes you need to move on.
Sometimes you need to stay where you belong.

Sweet Melody
This is a love song and I'll sing it all to me.

Sweet Melody
This is a sad song and I'll sing it for you and me.

Sweet Melody
This is a love song and I'll sing it all
for you and me.